Timo Järventausta

A full stack web developer & designer.

About Me

I am a full stack developer living in Finland. I have experience on a wide variety of programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, Go, Java, C and PHP. I have used multiple frameworks, such as React + Redux, Bootstrap, Semantic UI and Express. Some other tools and technologies I use regularly include Linux, Git and Docker. Apart from programming and technology, I enjoy photography, watching films and reading books.

I've previously worked in the information security field, done consulting on marketing and social media, as well as given lectures. I'm an avid entrepreneur, always looking for new ideas and projects.

Contact me and we can build something awesome together.

Experience & Projects


A web site for finding local businesses that provide horse-related services. I designed and developed this site completely from scratch using Node.js in the backend with MongoDB as the main database and Redis for caching searches and API responses. I also manage the hosting of the service using docker containers.
Tools & technologies: Node.js, MongoDB, Redis, Docker

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2016 - 2017
An invoice creation cloud service I created on my freetime mainly to learn React and Redux better. It comprises of a Node/Express API and a React front-end. It is still in development but it works already, although it is currently only in Finnish.
Tools & technologies: React, Redux, Node.js, MongoDB, Docker

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2016 - 2017
A finnish web service for finding instrument teachers in your local area. I designed and built the site from ground up. I am also currently handling its hosting and deployment.
Tools & technologies: Node.js, MongoDB, Docker, Semantic UI

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KOUahead Fair Website

I migrated a local entrepreneurship fair website to a content management system and redesigned the layout to be compatible with the CMS.
Technologies used: Bolt CMS, HTML5, CSS3


SomeOne Media

2015 - 2017
A social media company me and one of my friends started. We offered social media consulting and lectures to local businesses and organizations. Our main consulting clients were Kauppakeskus Veturi and Kino 123. We have given lectures on social media for MLL, University of Helsinki and several others. I also designed our website from scratch using no frameworks.
Technologies used (website): HTML5, CSS3

SomeOne Media

Nixu Corporation

2015 - 2016
I've done two consecutive summer internships at Nixu Corporation, a finnish cyber security consulting company. My tasks included programming in various languages and penetration testing as well as code review and various other infosec related projects. On my last internship period (2016) I also attended The Global Cyberlympics.
Tools and languages:Burp Suite, Java, Node.js, Python

Nixu Corporation

Contact & Socials

If you are interested in my services, contact me and we can build something together. Feel free to hit me up on social media or to send me an email in case you have any questions.

You can reach me by email at timo.jaerv@gmail.com. I'm on LinkedIn too, if you are into that kind of thing.

You can also find me on Github, Twitter and Instagram as well as most other networks under the name @timojarv.